Architectural Review Form

Homeowners are obligated to conform to certain restrictions, contained in their Declaration of Covenants or Protective Covenants, regarding how they may change or improve their property.  RKPCA acts to protect each homeowner's rights and property values through fair and equitable enforcement of these restrictions.

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC), a committee of the RKPCA Board of Directors, is responsible for deed restriction enforcement.  Reserve at Kings Point homeowners must have all improvements or changes to their property, other than minor landscaping, approved in advance by the ARC.  Homeowners that make unapproved changes to their property may be asked to remove the change or modify it to conform to the deed restrictions.

Complete documentation of planned changes should be submitted to the RKPCA Architectural Review Committee in care of Kingwood Association Management, 1075 Kingwood Dr. Suite 100, Kingwood, TX 77339.  Phone number 281-359-1102.

Download Architectural Review Application


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